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JUSTFOG Safety kit


This Kit is an excellent kit by Justfog. It features double protection system for coil short and the coil head is stuffed with 100% organic cotton, making the flavor pure and smooth. The built-in bottom charging battery keeps your vaping consistent and long-lasting. It's TPD complaint.

Justfog Safety Kit uses Japanese organic cotton coils. The product offers great compatibility with most batteries offered in the market regardless of the connection types or voltage values. Japanese organic cotton combines with 5-pin bottom charging point battery, offering a pure flavor with no dry hits and makes your vaping experience more enjoyable.


Color: Black
Tank Capacity:2ml
Battery Capacity:900mAh
Shipping weight: 123g
Package: Simple Packing


셀러 평가: 베스트 셀러였던 Q16의 후속작. 조절장치를 간단하게 강중약으로 바꾸고 좀더 단순화 시켰다. 독일제 플라스틱 아토마이져를 사용함으로써 안깨지는 엄청난 장점이 있다. 덕분에 디자인이 좀 못생겼다는 분들도 있고 디자인은 호불호가 있다. 밧데리 모양과 질감도 고무같은 느낌으로 그립감을 높였다.

JUSTFOG Safety Kit(입호흡)

Color: black
  • Each set contains:
    1pc Justfog P16A 900mAh Battery
    1pc Justfog P16A Clearomizer
    1pc User Manual

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