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‘The Game changer’


High performance, safety, and portability all in one,

beginning of a new trend for starter kits


Yields the best flavors with any e-liquids by the 8 level variable voltage function

Safe battery with an intelligent protection circuits with 5 functions

Installed with a unique Star-shield part which blocks all liquid spits from entering the mouth

Air pressure control parts made by PVD black coated stainless steel material

Higher battery capacity, yet as small as your hand.


Easy to use 8 level variable voltage function

Accurate constant voltage output throughout all voltage ranges

Strong and long lasting grade A powered battery cell

Five intelligent protection circuit functions

Small, portable and lightly designed battery

Anti-leakage Starshield system

Light ivory colored 100% organic cotton



Justfog Q16 Starter Kit Main features:
1. Justfog Q16 Clearomizer:
Type:Bottom coil clearomizer
Capacity: 2ML
Resistance: 1.6ohm
Coil Type: Japanese Organic Cotton Coil (Justfog OCC 14)
Connetion: EGO/510
Body material: Chrome Coated/Pyrex Glass
Weight: 23.5g
Dimensions: 16mm x 55.5mm
Recommended Voltages: 3.4V - 4.4V (6W- 12W)
Airflow control in 4 levels
Anti-leakage starshield system

2. Justfog J-easy 9 VV Battery
Li-ion battery

Weight: 36.1g
Variable voltage in 8 levels
900mah Battery capacity
Constant Voltage Control Circuit
Short Circruit protection
Over Heating protection
5 LED Color Display to check residual power
Safety On/Off lock (4-presses/2sec)
Over charging/discharging protection circuit
Over-voltage charging protection circuit
Recommended resistance: 1.0ohm above


* 셀러 평가: 일단 아토마이져의 비율이 너무 좋다. 너무 길면 맛이 흐려지고 너무 짧으면 액상이 적게들어가는데 16미리는 황금 비율인듯 하다. 맛도 좋고 입호흡기기 치고 연기도 많이 난다. 밧데리도  가볍게 만들었고 6중 안전장치로 안전하다. 고장도 많이 없고 휴대성이 좋으며 입문할 때도 계속 쓰기에도 좋은 모델이다. 전압조절 장치를 달아서 온도를 조절함으로써 느낌이 조절해서 담배보다 느낌이 낫다는 평가도 많다. 금연율이 가장 높다.

JUSTFOG Q16 Kit(입호흡)

  • Description:

    • Compatible Model:Q16 Starter Kit
    • Type: Small MOD
    • Material: Metal
    • From:Justfog
    • battery capacity:900mah
    • Capacity of atomizer:2ml
    • Feature:Anti-leakage starshield system
    • Color:black, Silver, Pink
    • Size of atomizer:16mm x 55.5mm
    • Original:yes
    • Weight: 59.9g


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