Joyetech eCom


eCom Atomizer is the core of eCom. High voltage, high output and large vapor are all available on eCom due to its new atomizer C2 head. It remains the transparent e-juice window. And the upper air inlet and outlet eliminate the likelihood of leakage.

Diameter: 14mm
Length: 76mm (including mouthpiece)
Liquid capacity: 1.5ml


No leakage
Due to the upper air inlet, the air inflow and outflow from upside, so eCom will never suffer from leakage at the bottom. 

Adjustable air inflow
The air inlet valve in the atomizer enables the air inflow to be varied by certain tool. Different air inflow creates different vapor experience.


VW and VW Battery

1000mAh high-safety,
high-capacity, high-magnification and high-stability
lithium battery dedicated to eCom.


Parameter:Diameter: 14mm Length: 95.5mm/117.5mm Capacity: 650mAh

Joyetech Ecom kit(입호흡)

  • Configuration:

    The Joyetech eCom

    *2 × Mouthpiece

    *1 × Atomizer Tube

    *2 × Atomizer C2 Head

    *1 × Power Supply

    *1 × USB Cable

    *1 × Wall Adapter

    *1 × Special Tool

    *3 × Mouthpiece Case

    *3 × USB Port Cover

    *1 × Mouthpiece Connect

    *1 × Manual & Warranty Card