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Australia's 1st of October 2021 Nicotine Ban


As of October 1st, 2021, regulations on buying or importing nicotine into Australia are changing, and Australian vapers will be required to have a valid medical prescription to legally access nicotine e-Liquids. Every nicotine vapers need prescription

Technically, on the state level, most Australian vapers have always required a prescription to import and possess nicotine. From October 1, the Australian government is simply formalizing this requirement on a national level.

This change is following a reclassification from the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) making nicotine e-liquids a Schedule 4 (prescription only) substance late last year.

Easy 3 step

1. Prescription 


  1. You’re a current ex-smoker 

  2. You are 18+ years of age

  3. You want to stop smoking and quitting cold turkey and using other nicotine replacement therapy hasn’t worked.


To obtain a prescription there are two pathways that are accessible:

  • Consultation with Doctor: Visit your local GP or if your local GP is not prescribing nicotine products visit  Anthra Doctors for online or face-to-face consultations with Australian doctors who are available to assess you with your suitability for vaping.

  • Apply for Prescription online: Prescriptions can be simply obtained by or and are usually processed within 24 hours. It will take approximately 10 mins to fill out the form and answer questions about your smoking history. 

2. Place your order online 

  • Once you have received your prescription, it is required that you send a copy of your prescription to or send to text We will keep your prescription on file and you won’t need to do this step again until your prescription has expired. You can order No nicotine e liquild at and if you want to order nicotine liquid please order at Zealand cooperation company)

3. Order Complete 

You will receive your shipping confirmation from ecigamallnz once your order has been completed. We will ship your order along with the copy of your prescription provided for custom clearance. 

Please note: 

  • You can order a maximum of 3 months of supply at a time. 

  • You can get a prescription 15 times in a (Year)12 month period.

Prescription is required for the following items

Nicotine E liquid, Nicotine pod


* 10월 1일부터 베이핑이 담배에서 약으로 넘어가서 니코틴 들어간 베이핑을 하시는 모든 분들은 다 의사처방전을 받고 사진 찍어서 가지고 다니셔야

   합니다. (개인도 벌금이 있다네요.)

   그리고 주문에도 필요하니까 자주가시는 GP한테 가시면 되시구요. 가기 귀찮으시면 온라인으로 or

   받아서 쓰시면 되요. 한번 받으면 1년은 쓰시니까 받아서 주문하실때 저희한테 한번만 보내주시면 1년동안 쓰실 수 있어요.

 * 의사분들은 베이핑을 잘 모르시기 때문에 아래 샘플처럼 원하시는걸 알려주셔야 해요. 한번 주문에 3달치를 시킬 수 있고 니코틴용량 하루에 몇미리

     피는지등등 알려줘야 하는데 복잡하시면 그냥 샘플처럼 똑같이 적어달라고 해주셔요.


* 니코틴 액상을 주문하실때는 처방전을 카톡이나 문자로 또는 메일 보내주시고 저희 뉴질랜드 오피스 

  로 주문해 주시면 3~6일 정도면 도착합니다. 아니면 그냥 니코틴원액을 저희 뉴질랜드 오피스에서 주문하셔서 호주 사무실에서 파는 무니코틴액상과

  적절하게 섞어 쓰셔도 됩니다. 





















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